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Let the magic and beauty of nature...

Species I'm looking for

by vitiatus
:star: - loved and want more/need one or more
:bulletred: - want one/more
:bulletgreen: - want but not firmly looking for right now
:bulletwhite: - like enough to want one
:bulletblue: - have one and love the species, but might not necessarily want more
:bulletblack: - don't have any but want so bad

Looking for right now:

:star:Fumi dragons by Fumi-LEX
:star::bulletblack:Minkin by edelilah & SA1B0T
:star:Nybians by aevei & nil

Like but not necessarily looking for:

:bulletred:Sushidogs by witchpaws
:bulletred::bulletblack: flower critters by PhloxeButt
:bulletgreen:weavers & mohana by bananamantis
:bulletred:Yevrens by VanillaToxin
:bulletgreen:Mantibabs by PhloxeButt
:bulletred: Barasva by Corvikin
:bulletblue:Drynids by hawberries
:bulletwhite:Dragoo by Kawiku
:bulletwhite:Giraffaroo by paexiedust
:bulletwhite:Frigate Chasers by Smooshkin
:bulletwhite:Kebanzu, Ren Fair, Hioin, Finx, Yahluus by Hauket
:bulletwhite:Bavers by PhloxeButt
:bulletwhite:Salytes by IoneIy
:bulletwhite:Benjees by IoneIy and burrdog
:bulletwhite:Koamis by RRRAI
:bulletwhite:Beenshees by Corvikin
:bulletwhite:Goulong by lycchii
:bulletwhite:Koddoe by Jeniak
:bulletwhite:Softkus by Fumi-LEX
:bulletwhite:Elill by Yechii

will add more as I find and want them <3

Comm Status - Quotes - FAQ

Comms - Closed as of 7/21/15 Trades - Semi-open Requests - only when I say they're open
Commission Prices; - $1 = 100:points:…
To do list;
I put everything I need to do on that to do list. If you want to know how you're art is going, go there

I'm also a Beta Reader for some authors. So I will be doing this instead of art sometimes! Just to let you know.

"Family is those you are born to, those born to you, and those you let into your heart." - The Simi
"Consider the "grass is always greener" phenomenon. The individuals you envy will likely also experience problems you don't know about. You might not want to trade your problems for theirs in order to have that shiny new car."
"Don't be afraid of death, instead live your life so that when it is your time, you have no regret of the things you did not do." - Ausie
"Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go."
"Life becomes so much better when you decide not to care. Just live for the moment and don't let the drama bring you down."
"A positive attitude may not solve your problems, but it annoys enough people to make it worth it."
"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."
"No one can make you feel inferior without your permission."
"The only way to love others is to love who you are first."
"Don't let anyone steal your day, if they're trying to steal it then they're not worth your time."


:bulletblue: On Adoptables I do holds but only for a few days. I don't like holding for weeks it makes me nervous and fidgety.

:bulletblue: When buying art from me you pay up front. If for any reason I can't do your art, you will get a refund even if I have to get the funds.

:bulletblue: Are your commissions free? Nope soon they will be free for all friends though <3

:bulletblue: When buying commissions/trading with me, know that I have a life outside of dA, and I do tend to take time to do art, especially if I don't click with your character.

:bulletblue: When trading with me you MUST remember, that I DO NOT comment on your part until my part is finished and uploaded, I used to comment immediately after the other person uploaded it and I then got nervous, anxious and everything about finishing my part and ruined it because I rushed. So keep that in mind.

Can you do gift art for me?
I'm sorry but no, I do gifts for people who I believe deserve more love and need gifts. I also do them for my beautiful friends.

Can I have a request?
No I open requests in a journal when I feel like it, so don't ask any other time.

Can I commission you?
Totally depends, I'm closed as of right now since I have so much to do. But keep checking here for updates. <3

Can we do an art trade?
Ah probably not, as I have a good amount to do, I don't think so, unless I adore your art or you're an idol of mine, and you know if I gush about your art constantly. Or my friends, for friends art trades are always open!

If I trade a character that has a piece of art by you, can the new owner use that art?
Yes actually, you bought the commission that means that whoever has the character gets the rights of the character i.e. the new owner gets all rights to the art from me. That being said, you MUST give me credit, if you got it from me, tell the new owner so they can give me proper credit.

What do you use to draw?
I use Paint Tool SAI and a mouse. I also use Gimp for animations.

Can I offer on your characters? o.O
Controversial question for me. Can you offer? Yes, BUT you must keep in mind my nft and highest tier folders are super important to me and I adore them, so if you're offering it better be a phenomenal character, if you're offering me a minkin I'll probably be doing everything I can to get that baby still you can definitely try <3

Can I be your friend?
//sighs I'm sorry but if you have to ask no. I make friends on here by talking to people. and most of the time by making them a gift xD I am a person who strongly believes to make a friend you actually have to spend time talking to them. I adore EVERY one of my friends and wouldn't know what to do without them. If you want to be a friend talk to me get a conversation going and lets get to know each other and if that becomes friendship well then I love ya!

Can I draw you gift art?
If you want to I'd love that! My babies are my pride and joy and when I get gift art of them I am so happy, so if you want, please go straight ahead and it will most likely be featured on my page! :D Here are my charries:

How did your pixels get so good?
Well it's all practice. Seriously go into pixels and go into old icons, and go to the last page. Look there at those icons and then at my current ones. Another bit of advice: Don't butcher your style. I've had times where I've tried to make really small icons that are really good anatomically and god does it NOT work. Just do what your natural style wants you to.

Can you give me points?!
No. No. And no. I'm sorry, but I use my points, sometimes I do randomly give points, like when I see someone who needs some and I have extra, but not often, work for your points and people will respect you more! <33

Would you critisize my work?
Hahaha I thank you for wanting someone like me to help but I don't really have the time nor would I be able to actually give could critizism, I hate hurting peoples feeling unless they're like a biatch or a dick so unless you are in front of me there is nothing bad I can say.

Are you done with my art yet? You haven't finished my art yet have you even started???
PLEASE. DO. NOT. DO. THIS. If you have art I owe you and it's been over 2 months THEN you can note me about it, but if it's been like a week or a little more and you ask me about it I'll drop your commission/trade or whatever to the BOTTOM of my to do list, and if you do it again I will keep your points and cancel your commission. Sorry but this is SUPER annoying.

Can you teach me to art?
Nah, I'm not that good anyway. Just practice <3

Why do you spoil your friends so much?
HAHAHAHAH Why? Because to tell you the truth they are some of the only things that make me smile when I'm down. I can get really depressed and if I see my friends they make smile and laugh, and well they all have dirty minds like me so we can joke and have a frickin' great time together.

Have any more questions? Feel free to comment asking me and I'll answer.

To make you smile



:iconkillamonchichi: :iconserene92: :iconfurheacl: :iconultravirulence: :iconbeccli:

give you the peace you've been looking for. ♥

About Moi


I'm Ausie. I read, do art, watch movies, and do work when school-time comes around. I love sarcasm, closed species, and animals. I beta read for some authors when I can, but still read for myself. I love the mountains and starry night sky. I want to live in Colorado surrounded by mountains. And read all day long except when I'm drawing. I love making friends so if you want to talk to me go right ahead. I also love my charries, they are my babies.


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GUYS iMonox has amazing chibi comms open!! 

No deviants said Chibi commissions open! by iMonox
No deviants said go check em out and get one, Mon is amaze <33


Please don't thank me for faves or watches! Just keep making watching you and faving your art worth it! <33
Try and keep drama off my page!
If you have a question ask or note me ♥ Your virtual dog could be the next champion!


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